On the Home page I mentioned some of the pros and cons of the "classic standard" instruments. This gallery explains visually what you can expect in the detailing of any PH Guitar.  Use the slides below to read more.

My goal is to provide the best combination possible of comfort and durability with tonal versatility and purity.  Exact configurations of hardware and neck shapes are specific to each instrument as it's built, but there are constants in quality and execution that are universal in my instruments.

As players, inspired by our guitar gods playing their signature instruments, we tend to yearn for an "axe just like Jimi's", or...name your personal idol.  It should be noted that many of those god's instruments were reworked by skilled techs, or the artist themselves into a totally different animal than it was when it left the factory floor.  Mid-boost circuits, custom bridges, hacked pick up mixes, the list is very, very long. "Signature instruments" are usually approximations to these unique instruments that factory conditions can accommodate.

With that said, maybe we don't REALLY want (or need) anything more than a versatile, comfortable, beautiful sounding instrument that let's us fully realize our personal tones. 

Welcome to my world!